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The principal role of the Editorial Board is to provide assistance to the Editors in the review process, and to advise on any issues of concern to the Editors.


Professor Stephen Bottomley, ANU

Professor Melissa Castan, Monash University

Professor Jennifer Corrin, University of Queensland

Professor Alberto Costi, Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Alison Gerard, University of Canberra

Professor John Hopkins, Canterbury University

Professor Nick James, Bond University

Professor Jennifer McKay, University of South Australia

Professor William McNeil, Southern Cross University

Professor Natalie Skead, University of Western Australia

Professor Alex Steel, University of New South Wales

Professor Asmi Wood, ANU

Emeritus Professor David Barker, University of Technology Sydney

Associate Professor Matthew Berkahn, Massey University

Associate Professor Kate Galloway, Griffith University

Associate Professor Jennifer Nielson, Southern Cross University

Dr Toni Collins, University of Canterbury

Dr Dawn Duncan, University of Otago

Dr Loganathan Krishnan, Monash University

Liam Elphick, Monash University


Associate Professor Jonathan Barrett, Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Sean Goltz, Edith Cowan University

Dr Jackie Mapulanga, Curtin University   

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